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Offshore Chartering

Our fleet are involved in offshore construction activities, such as towing and anchoring of rigs and equipment, transportation of supplies,
providing accommodation and support pipe-laying operations.

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Ship Management Services

We provide ship management services to our own vessels & Third Party owned vessels. These services established under either SHIPMAN2009
or BARECON2001.

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AHT Bol Ginia 8 @ Work

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AHT BES Leader @ Work

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Tug & Barge

Welcome to Berlitz Offshore & Marine Group

We are a one stop Solution for your specialized marine needs form building to operating. Our Business is divided into 3 units, we own and manage vessels to support the offshore oil and gas industries, build vessels and handle resource barging requirements.

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Anchor Handling Tug

Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) vessels primarily used for towing and for lifting and re-positioning of anchors for drilling rigs, construction vessels and pipe-lay barges. In a few cases, they serve as an Emergency Rescue and Recovery Vessel (ERRV).

Anchor Handlng Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels similar to AHT except it has more deck space and as well as cargo tanks to support supply function.

Offshore Support Vessels

Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) has a broad scope of support operations vessels are mainly associated with the carry out operations associated with construction, emergency respond and subsea support in addition to traditional support roles like accommodation, transport of stores, material, equipment, support diving operations and/or personnel (excluding crew boats) to, from and between offshore installations. It is also used for a variety of services including transportation of oilfield supplies and equipment, performing safety standby duties, performing repairs and maintenance work for production platforms.

Third Party Chartering

Provide deliver requirements including Time and Bareboat Charter for the employment of various types of offshore support vessels including Anchor Handling Tug (AHT), Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS), Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), Accommodation Work Barges (AWB), Submersible Barges, Diving Support Vessels (DSV), Crew boats, Dynamic positioning Vessels, etc. representing the interest of both Owners and Charterers.